MASS!VE DYNAM!C (stylised as M!D!) is the award-winning "genre-fluid" project of British progressive rock multi-instrumentalist, Benedict Harris-Hayes. (ENOCHIAN THEORY / OCEANICA).

After winning two awards at a worldwide remix competition in 2016 for his banging DnB re-imagining of Zanga's "I Need You" and self-releasing a few tracks, Ben returns armed with a large number of songs to push M!D! forward with its full debut album entitled 'Progress’.

'Progress' is a 13 track musical journey through hip-hop, drum & bass, dub/reggae, EDM-Trap, chillstep, triphop, bass house, and other genres and was very much inspired by his travels throughout Asia, pre-pandemic, and writing at home during the pandemic.

"I feel that writing 'Progress' is quite an achievement, considering I wrote and arranged most of the album on the road while traveling throughout Asia in late 2019/2020. Equally, what I am proud of is that this all came together during a pandemic. The guests I have on the record are from all across the globe. That's a heck of a thing to do in these strange times...and I feel this community of artists helped me grow as a songwriter and producer. It's a true worldwide affair and just shows how small the World is when it unites for art.”

"I cannot underestimate what traveling throughout other parts of the World has done for me over the years. Embracing all those different styles of music really sparked a different approach to writing things on this record. It's not immediately obvious, but this album is as much influenced by western genres and artists, as it is by styles such Gamelan, Nurthi, and hearing tons of music I'd never usually come across at home. The different rhythms, the non-western melodies, and the different instrumentation just swept away my cobwebs of musical inactivity and allowed me to freely write what is effectively my 'pop record', without restraint!”

"It really is a musical tribute to all the music and creatives that have brought me such joy over the years...and I can only hope people enjoy this my attempt at returning that joy."

'Progress' was born out of a vision to work with genres and styles that Ben enjoys outside his usual rock/metal creative output with his signed projects, ENOCHIAN THEORY, OCEANICA, and INDECIPHERABLE LOGO. This is very much NOT rock or metal!
With its sweeping orchestral arrangements, emotive pianos, sub bass, subtle guitars, cinematic sound design, big club beats, and infectious vocal hooks...'Progress' offers a huge musical leap forward for the artist.
The album was mixed and mastered by Ben across the duration of the album writing period.

"My hope is that people will just enjoy the music for what it is. As an unknown artist, it's very tough to put anything out into the abyss that is the Internet and not have it swallowed. But, success for me here was just completing this huge 'genre-fluid' album...anything else I achieve via it is a pure bonus. I just hope others enjoy something on the record because there is a lot of different stuff on here.”

'Progress' comes out on 6th September 2021 and is self-released via Ben's own 'Prog On!' record label.
It will be available to download via all good streaming media platforms and Bandcamp. Physical copies of the album will be made available via Bandcamp.

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