Following the recently released and exquisite music video for her latest single ‘Obey’, which has so far been supported by Wonderland Magazine, SingersRoom, PAUSE Magazine, 9Bills, ASBO Magazine, KAZI Magazine and Blacpire among others, London-based New York R&B-pop singer, songwriter and producer ANISE is excited to unveil her brand new single titled ‘KINFOLK’. Co-written and co-produced by ANISE, Alex Dopierala and Terell ‘Tee’ Farrell, ‘Kinfolk’ is her third single of 2021 as she edges towards the release of her debut EP Black Eve, which arrives on October 1.

In sharp contrast to the sultry slow burning vibes on ‘Obey’ before it, ‘Kinfolk’ is an up-tempo R&B offering with infectious trap and pop music sensibilities, which sees ANISE experimenting with her flow and delivery over the synth-heavy soundscape, as she switches between fierce R&B stylings and braggadocious staccato cadence to deliver her message about celebrating our individuality, while also paying homage to the friends and family that love us for it. As Anise puts it, “Feeling lonely or unwanted is not uncommon to the human experience, but a loving community and empowered sense of self will always triumph over those negative thoughts”.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Kinfolk’, ANISE says, “Society often has us fixated on a singular definition of love that is romantic. Entire industries are built on coupledom and the myth of finding ‘the one’ but there are so many kinds of love – familial love, friendship love, self-love – and it's this diversity of love that brings fullness to our lives. In a world that puts so much value on how desirable we are to others, what matters most is that we feel good about who we are. I wrote ‘Kinfolk’ for anyone whos ever felt inclined to shrink themselves. In this abundant universe, it's important we allow ourselves to fully shine – and remember the people that help us do so”.

Known for her sensuous soulful sounds, soothing warm vocal tones, intoxicating melodies and poetic songwriting dexterities, which she has been developing and refining since she moved from New York to London in 2018, ANISE makes music that explores themes of independence, womanhood, intimacy, empowerment and community, as we can expect to hear on her upcoming Black Eve EP. Like legendary Black American artists Eartha Kitt and Josephine Baker before her, who found their creative spark across the pond from the States, ANISE has leaned into her new life in the UK to inspire her artistry and shape her craft, with resounding results.

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