Songstress Ridi's love for music started when she was just eight years old. She began formal training in classical and jazz music and later combined it with opera. But, as she entered her teenager years the now 17-year-old turned to pop music and the sound we hear today was born.

During her time studying at a famous Swiss boarding school Ridi experienced every teenager’s worst nightmare. She became the subject of a bullying campaign carried out my some of her peers. This led to her feeling rejected and a period of self doubt.

But Ridi wasn't a person to take it lying down. She recognised that no one on earth has the same fingerprints or personality and wanted to make a change.

She wanted to help the millions of others in the same situation embrace their own awkwardness and let them know they can feel comfortable in their own skin.

The talented teen co-founded StopTheB along with her sister Vasundra Oswa l- an antibullying campaign with the express aim of turning young people into ‘active bystanders’. She is now the youngest ever person invited to speak at a UNESCO event on anti-bullying.

In her incredible debut single 'Top Guy' Ridi shares the same message to her fans. Her hopes are that other people who don’t fit the mould will hear her music and find their version of ‘cool’ within themselves, without having to change to who they think they need to be.

From its chilling opening piano keys, Top Guy leaves no question about this. Listeners would be forgiven for thinking that the teen was an industry veteran as the self-penned track flows through introspective and restrained instrumentals to thundering drums and wailing guitars. All guided by Ridi’s emotionally wrought English and French vocals, that start soft and climax into a pop-rock belt delivery.

Ridi says: “The song talks about how even when someone is entirely innocent there can always be that one person - the ‘top guy’ who has the power to essentially destroy everything about you. How someone can break you to the point that you don’t even recognise yourself. I hope my music truly helps people travel the same journey of self-realisation I went through.”

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