Pete Cunnah and Al MacKenzie bring their know-how to the UK house music landscape of 2021 with upcoming album, ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds’. It’s the duo’s first release under the name of D:Ream in fourteen years, following a landslide of popularity and success in the 90s with their smash hit ‘Things Can Only Get Better’.

D:Ream returned to the public consciousness during the pandemic when that precise song re-emerged to become an anthem for Nottingham’s residents as they blasted it when clapping for key workers each week. The song could be heard more than two miles away. D:Ream frontman Pete Cunnah said "I got shivers. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. You do your thing and make a record for all the clubbers in the early 90s to dance to, and the next thing everyone's hanging out of windows singing it during a crisis. I was in tears."

‘Make Love Cool Again’ is D:Ream’s mission statement in a nutshell. It’s a simplistic answer to the varied and convoluted issues of modern life, but it’s one that works. Similar to the theme, the production is restrained and effortless on this track, making it a true standout amongst the stellar tunes on the album.

At the other end of the spectrum is ‘Many Hands’, the track which sounds the most like the classic D:Ream we know and love from their 90s fame. Pianos, choirs, uplifting lyrics and Pete Cunnah’s powerful vocals - it’s the exact pick me up we need in the year of our lord 2021.

In trying times such as *gestures towards… everything* these, we all need a little something to pick us up. Why not spend the summer listening to some truly brilliant house music which is guaranteed to lift your spirits and remind you that all hope is not lost, no matter which way the rest of the roadmap swings. ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds’ is out now, and available on Bandcamp.

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