is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of Sam Walwyn uplifting new single ‘Littered Sense Of You’

Following on from his previous single ‘First Place’, singer-songwriter and brooding TikTok sensation Sam Walwyn releases his new single ‘Littered Sense Of You’ today on all major platforms.

The new single blends Sam’s roots from his upbringing in the Caribbean to his more recent days living in the island of Jersey, fusing indie-folk with curious flamenco tones brought out through Sam’s expert guitar playing.

Speaking about the new track, Sam is quoted, "After nearly a year of a bad end to a relationship I realised ohh if I'm still thinking about them so much then I'm clearly not over them. All this time I've been convincing myself I was over them and comparing any current relationship to that previous one. This is when I realised ahh man I'm way more heartbroken than I thought I was, so I wrote Littered Sense of You".

Grab a first stream of the new single here.

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