Shodement, a London based entertainment platform transforming independent artists’ careers, backed by Axial Capital Partners, welcomes a new addition to their global talent pool with the exclusive signing of international award-winning singer DARA.

DARA is at the forefront of the Bulgarian music scene, finishing in third place of the regional version of The X-Factor, and recognised for her distinctive voice, style and charisma as one of the Balkans’ most popular pop stars. Under the country’s largest record label Virginia Records, DARA’s popularity is reflected in 4.4 million Spotify streams and over 60 million views on her YouTube videos to date, with every one of her songs reaching #1 in the Bulgarian Official Airplay Chart.

Following her debut with single “K’vo Ne Chu”, which went straight on to #1 in the Official Airplay Chart, DARA has been awarded “Best Female Artist” at the Bulgarian Annual Music Awards and from there her career has taken off internationally, with her latest songs “Ai Ai” and “Mamacita” further stamping her as a pop phenomenon and crowd-favourite. Since the signing with Shodement, DARA has released the Spanish Version of the song Mamacita and gained the attention of many brands worldwide.

Jay Lamusica, Managing Director of Shodement says: “DARA is such an incredible young talent that managed to conquer her country at such a young age independently. We believe she can do the same in other territories as music is becoming more of a global language with the explosion of K-Pop, Afrobeats and Reggaeton”

“To give you an example of global marketing at zero cost, consider Victoria Paris. The TikTok star did not exist last year and today she's celebrating the 1+ million followers’ milestone. She went from zero to 800,000 followers in the space of four months with no major backing. The audiences of today love authenticity mixed with unique content, consistency, and direct to fan experiences. If you have star quality - that's a great bonus that will continue to amplify as you reach the next layer of fans.”, added Jay Lamusica.

Shodement’s international talent network has now reached over 70 million views worldwide, whilst delivering campaigns for major brands including Westfield, Oxfam, Content Capital, and many others through its creative agency arm. With the signing of DARA and headlining acts of their Global 12 Festival such as Shakka who recently went double platinum and Angelica Lopez who won Lukas Awards, Shodement has significant plans in the pipeline for the Shodement App which launched in 2020, equipping talented new artists with the ability to grow their presence worldwide, irrespective of their country or genre.

You can check DARA’s international song Mamacita below:

About Shodement:

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