Les French Mademoiselles' new concept album is a visual treat that speaks to the 60s' in our soul, now coming from Paris - France.

An exciting new musical act has burst onto the French pop scene with music so quirky and enjoyable that it transports the listener right back to the age of 60's groove. Les French Mademoiselles are a genuinely unique Franco-American duo whose delightful new album is packed with cheeky, but tasteful, tracks that celebrate the devious feminist within us all.

Femmes de Paris is the first concept album of Mademoiselle K.T. and Mademoiselle Lexie. Set in a dreamlike feminine universe, the two singers revisit the history of the women of Paris through an eclectic mix of newly composed by top french composers influenced by Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Legrand. Through this music, the two non-conformist singers aspire to convey the true “Parisian Woman” who finds pride in the art of seduction.
The use of video is as important as the music itself to Les French Mademoiselles. A stunning video accompanies each track and serves as a true visual delight. Sepia-toned images of chic, beautiful and powerful women form the base of each of the videos, while men are portrayed humorously, almost as parodies of themselves. A clear theme emerges throughout this visual album. Steeped in the feeling of old-world cinema, women, no matter shape, size or look, are powerful, beautiful, sensual beings far superior to the bumbling men who expect them to fall at their feet.

Already, the ladies’ first track, the eponymous French Mademoiselles, has been met with much applause. Their track was launched on the international day of the mini-skirt and to the fact that high fashion is at the core of this unique artistic collective's aesthetic. With a chic, fashionable approach, Les French Mademoiselles, a new production of Thierry Wolf (french producer which worked with Petula Clark, Iggy Pop, Francis Lai or The Red Army Choir), worship the elegance of Gabrielle Chanel and Brigitte Bardot and unashamedly demonstrate this throughout their stylistic music video for the song featuring strong independent women confidently dressed in risqué lingerie and elegant heels. Throughout, we see an invigorating performance of women reasserting control over their sexuality.

Their next track Mon Romeo (launched on July 6th), also known as international kissing day. The track, which moves away from the New Orleans influenced ragtime tempo of French Mademoiselles, opens with a voluptuous saxophone riff which unfolds throughout the song, drawing the listener away from the worries of the pandemic and into an old school love song, which is both amusing and sincere. Again, the song is accompanied by a remarkable visual performance. As Lexie sings to her lover (or maybe her cat ?), a backlit performer, reminiscent of Marylin Monroe with her blonde bob grazing her shoulders, sings alone faceless, as we see images of the many women who perhaps wish to take the arms of her man.

The new album has been produced between Paris and London by renowned sound engineer Roger Béchirian, who has previously worked with prominent names such as Elvis Costello, Shirley Bassey and The Pretenders. The team behind the album are proud to leave electron and synthesised tracks to other artists. Recorded in Paris and relying only on live music, it features the work of composer, musician and musical director Jacques Ferchit and pianist Jacky Delance, then mixed in London.

Their music is a fusion of retro 60’s groove and sweet sensual swing, which plucks fun at male and female archetypes, positioning the women as dominant forces who are not to be crossed. With a selection of compelling music videos yet to be released, Les French Mademoiselles give their audience a taste of vintage luxury that calls to mind the gangster parody films, which were so popular during the magical period of French cinema that emerged in the 60s. In some ways, the curious duo is a French version of Britain's Austin Power, though certainly, they are more feminine and infinitely more subtle.

The fourteen-track album will be released this winter on all major music streaming providers and Youtube. In addition, you can watch feast your eyes on the sumptuous video for French Mademoiselles and enjoy a cheeky teaser of the upcoming Mon Romeo on Les French Mademoiselles.