Awa Lemen shares the brand new music video for her single 'Bye Bye Bye' out now on all streaming platforms!

'Bye bye bye' is a song about unrequited love and having the strength to let go of someone who is not treating you right, even if you love them. Speaking of the track, Awa says, "Sometimes when we fall for someone, we tend to overlook their behaviour and make excuses for them even when we know it’s not right for us. Standing up for yourself and no longer accepting less than what you actually deserve sometimes requires a lot of courage, especially when you’re in love with someone. But you gotta love yourself first and say goodbye to what’s not for you."

Rising R&B star Awa Lemen grew up in the French city of Rouen. As an independent artist, she taught herself how to record and mix her songs, releasing her first mixtape 'Self-Made' in 2018. Inspired by artists such as Aaliyah,Jhene Aiko and Rihanna, listeners can feel her old school R&B/Soul influence. In 2019, Awa then went on to release her first EP ‘Volume 1’.

Currently back in France and even more dedicated than ever, Awa released her hit song ‘Pop Pop’ in March last year - a song she wrote about the importance of self-confidence, with a beautiful music video highlighting her powerful message. Dedicated to following her dreams, she has one mission and that is to accomplish her vision of having her talent not only reach but touch people all over the world. Her writing offers the listener a window into her life, while her sultry vocals make you feel every emotion she is going through.