‘Bonehouse’ is the third album released by the UK-based duo Suris; the constraint-less 10-track release consistently keeps you compelled as it twists and turns through elements of jazz, folk, progressive rock and psych.

With vocals that creep into your consciousness with the same artful finesse as Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Stevie Nicks atop a bed of genre-fluid instrumentals, Bonehouse is an avant-garde exploration that will speak to and win over the aurally jaded.

The album starts with the celestial single, ‘Argus’, that takes the path least trodden as it navigates through sonic and arcane textures. With touches of 70s pop worked into the mix with, ‘Wanted’, and poised impassioned ballads such as, 'Queen of the Night', there is plenty of commercial potential in Bonehouse, despite the experimentalism.

Suris has never been one to evade real emotion in their music; with Bonehouse, they delved even deeper into the human psyche to explore the concepts of legacy, identity, refuge and escape after finding plenty of time for introspection during the 2020 lockdown.

Bonehouse was mixed, mastered and produced in the duos home studio before it hit the airwaves in April 2020.
It is now available to stream via Spotify below.

Suris said: “This collection has come together over the last 15 months. The songs travel through themes of escape, rescue, refuge, identity and legacy. However challenging these experiences are, they are fleeting, and it is important to us that they are hopeful.”

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