is proud to host the exclusive world video premiere of 'Draacool' by Ferrari Lover.

The new album ‘Draacool’, mastered by Adrian Morgan at Timeless Mastering is expected 23 July 2021 on Ace Of Spades Recordings, Ferrari’s own imprint. The Album deals with themes of life + death, true love + romance, the real + the unreal, and the inherent contradictory nature of the order of things // existentialism meets vedanta.

The record also deals with Ferrari’s resurrection/redemption from a near death experience and emergence from the depths after a serious injury almost ended her career at its inception.

The new label Ace Of Spades will focus on Nico’s brand of dark ambient shoegaze ‘Ferrarigaze’ // ethereal wave // dreampop // traditional goth/darkwave // post-punk revival /// . Pre-order here and here.

The Ground FX Boneflower is Ferrarilover’s signature Guitar Pedal. This Release Is Rife With The Trademark Ferrarilover Twin Peaks // Jim Jarmiusch // Dark Ambient Gazed Out Film Soundtrack Sound. Nico Is Also Hard At Work In The Studio, Focusing Her Production Skills Toward Creating The Foundation For A Beat Driven Post Punk // Darkwave// Shoegaze// Ethereal Wave Album Featuring Intensive Multitracked Syncopated Drums + Bass, And Vocals A Work That Has Been Brainstormed For Decades.

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