Ryan Adams fans around the globe are thrilled as their calls for Adams to release his long awaited album ‘Big Colors’ are fi nally answered.

Social Media has been flooded with fans desperate to hear the long time coming ‘Big Colors’, the second
album in the trilogy from Grammy nominated artist Ryan Adams.

‘Big Colors’ will be released digitally on Friday 11th June, 2021 and ‘Do Not Disturb’, the lead track from this upcoming album is available for streaming today.

Ryan Adams said; “Big Colors was created as a 1980s soundtrack to a movie that never existed. Wednesdays was a study of decline and morality; Big Colors is meant to feel like a daydream. New York, where this album was written, always propels me into new, unexpected creative spaces and this album happened to me, more than I can say I happened to it”.

Praised as one of rock’s most talented songwriters, Adams is a seven-time Grammy nominated artist, a producer for greats such as Willie Nelson, Jesse Malin, and Jenny Lewis, and a lauded collaborator with the likes of Weezer, Fall Out Boy, America, and more.

‘Big Colors’ was written and produced in New York and Los Angeles by Ryan Adams, Beatriz Artola and Don Was.

Track List
1. Big Colors
2. Do Not Disturb
3. It’s So Quiet, It’s Loud
4. Fuck The Rain
5. Manchester
6. What Am I
7. Power
8. I Surrender
9. Showtime
10. In It For The Pleasure
11. Middle Of The Line
12. Summer Rain