Music can do wonders for your mood, mental health, and level of productivity. While some people are okay with listening to the same hundred songs for years, we know that it’s not the way to live this life.

This is why today, we bring you a collection of new albums from the artists you cannot sleep on in 2021. All the music fans out there, unite! Whether you like pop music, R&B, house, or soul, you’ll find something to your liking in this article.

Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams
This 20-year-old poet from London has been on everybody’s minds lately. She released her first single called Cola in 2018 and since has earned quite a loyal audience of fans, including Michelle Obama and Phoebe Bridgers.
Her debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, was released at the end of January 2021. Since then, it was welcomed by critics and was nominated in several categories for BRIT Music Awards and UK Music Video Awards.

Arlo Parks’ debut album is lightweight, trip-hoppy, and sweet. At the same time, her lyrics are deep, genuine, and sincere. This album would sound well in a romantic setting or as a background for an intense study session.
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Girls of the Internet - Girls FM
Now, to more energetic tracks. Girls of the Internet have released their second album in 2020. It is titled Girls FM. They are doing an incredible job at mixing house music with soul vocals and fully live instrumentation. This unique mix is exactly the reason you should add Girls FM to your playlist.

As soon as you start playing the album you fully emerge into the duo’s beautiful world. And the disco touches make it even better.

Compared to their previous album, SYRUP, this one feels softer although still very danceable and upbeat most of the time. Songs like I Don’t Wanna Lose You, By My Side, and Shelter Me From The Storm can make any party heat up! And even if you listen to them alone, this album will make a perfect accompaniment for dancing in your bathroom.

Jazmine Sullivan - Heaux Tales
This one was pronounced the best new album by Pitchfork, and for good reason. Jazmine Sullivan keeps on treating her fans with her beautiful R&B and soul records one release after another. She has released four albums during her music career and keeps reinventing herself on every single one of them. On this record, her voice is as deep as never before and she commands it perfectly.

The album also features H.E.R. and Anderson .Paak on tracks Girl Like Me and Price Tags. The lyrics are centered around sex, relationships, and self-esteem. The intro track Bodies sets the tone for the whole EP perfectly, leaving the listener wanting more.

Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine
Róisín Murphy’s discography is quite an extensive one. As a lead singer of Moloko from 1994 to 2003, she has built a decent fan base. After that, she has been making solo albums. In that time she has earned a title for the queen of art-pop music and never stopped growing professionally.

She took a pause in releasing music in 2009 but then broke her silence in 2014 with an EP in Spanish, Mi Senti. That was a totally unexpected move for everyone because the singer doesn’t even speak Spanish.

Murphy is famous for doing what she wants and with this album, she wanted to make us all dance and feel alive. Her vocals are mysterious and her lyrics are upfront. Róisín Machine is an amazing disco-house record that is filled with motifs of desire, experience, and self-expression.

Balthazar - Sand
Balthazar’s fifth studio album was released in February 2021. The band has a long history, and this release fits perfectly into their discography. Their previous album, Fever, has made it to the top positions of many European charts and was a beautiful reinvention of the band’s sound. Sand follows that pattern with bass riffs, saxophone and a general melancholy-jazz feel.

The overall mood of Sand leans more towards melancholy, which is not new for the band. Not one of their albums has been entirely upbeat. Except for maybe Fever, but the lyrics still give off a sad vibe. Balthazar might not be the party go-to but they do make great music.

Sure, without the COVID restrictions, the band could’ve gotten together physically to record the album, making arrangements on the album richer. But that thought makes us want to visit their live show even more.

Rhye - Home
Rhye’s vocals are exactly what all of us need in these stressful times. Michael Milosh’s music is romantic, filled with passion and joy. His style is defined by his countertenor, which is so rare among men. He almost sounds androgynous.

One new thing about his latest album, Home, is the fact that other people’s voices appear on the record. Milosh invited a Danish National Girls’ Choir to join him on some of the songs. Luckily, the piece was recorded in 2019, so no restrictions were violated.

Although not exactly revolutionary, the album is still perfect in its own way. Milosh has found his style and stuck to it. So, if you ever need some relaxing, high-pitched romantic music, this could be your new go-to.
Final Words

Music can make the mood and it can break it. Having a list of favorite albums or tracks is good. But don’t we all get tired of playing the same stuff over and over?

This is your chance to expand your music library! Choose any of the artists that seem like your style and explore away! We’ve specifically made this list to include some of the most popular genres that surely can stick in your favorites list.