John Murry is gearing up to release his next record, following the success of A Short History of Decay, which was praised by Uncut, Q Magazine, The Quietus, MOJO Magazine and Sunday Times. First from the upcoming album is 'Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’, a cryptic Americana single that walks the line between the comedic and the serious.

With that comes a music video directed by acclaimed Irish actor Aiden Gillen, known for his roles in Games of Thrones, Peaky Blinders and The Wire.

“We had been talking about various ideas for videos for a while,” Gillen says, “And I had this idea of John floating around my house – or did that happen in real life? – anyways I liked the idea of a John puppet floating around upside down and mentioned this to him, His ex had made this puppet with an uncanny likeness and I used whatever technology I had to hand – a phone camera, a stabilising gimbal and a two-euro macro lens to try and make something that looked nice for the puppet part. I mean, it’s not all in focus, but there a bit too much of that these days. I was asked for the puppet back, but I’d already lost it somewhere.”

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