Austin-based singer-songwriter Carrington MacDuffie has announced the release of her new single Sweet Little Mystery on Pointy Head Records.

The wonderfully erudite composition offers a freshly penned perspective on love, or as Carrington puts it more eloquently, “the erotic thrill associated with the mystery of love that can be applied not only to romantic love but life itself.” She adds: “The super vibey instrumentation, reflecting the dreamy nature of the song, is designed to provide a deep, cushy environment for the ears and the mind, allowing our hearts to be carried by the mysterious nature of irresistible romantic attraction.”

Sweet Little Mystery was recorded at Farmland Studio, Nashville, Tennessee and is the first fruits of Carrington MacDuffie’s forthcoming album release also entitled Sweet Little Mystery due for release in May 2021. Sweet Little Mystery was produced by Carrington MacDuffie and features David Dorn on keyboards, Tim Galloway on guitar, Tim Denbo on bass, Grady Saxman on drums and, of course, Carrington MacDuffie on vocals. It was mixed by Sam Polizzi at SoundNotion, Rochester, New York, and mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters, Memphis, Tennessee.

Carrington MacDuffie is an enigma. Born in New York City, but with the kind of Scottish heritage that would qualify her to play for the national team – her forebears are part of the MacDonald clan, and there’s a tartan involved somewhere – Carrington’s ancestral origins also embrace an English forefather, William Bradford, printer of one of the first maps of the American Colonies, and another William Bradford - his grandson - who served as a Colonel in George Washington’s army. As well as being a singer/songwriter with a unique perspective on life and love, Carrington has voiced endless characters and dialects as an award-winning narrator who has brought over 250 audiobooks to life for the listener.

Carrington claims that she “experiences life as a form of music, and this energy runs through my songs,” and the last few years have seen her release an eclectic range of electronic, ‘80s indie pop/Americana that reached a zenith on recent single, The Kiss I Didn’t Get Last Night, an erotically evocative song where Carrington searches for the perfect female partner in the haunts of an unspecified town.

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