“Let’s Get It Started In Here!”

Over the years, boxing and music have unified for a truly unmistakable experience, this is why SPARBAR®️ is proud to announce Black Eyed Peas’ superstar Apl.de.Ap. as a new ambassador.

The musician and the boxer both work tirelessly in the dark to glimmer under the bright lights.

In that moment, the beauty of their performance is equalled only by the discipline of their practice.

It is the same discipline that takes a boy from Angeles City, Pampanga, and thrusts him into one of the most successful music groups in America despite his battle with nystagmus.

Though life has thrown punch after punch, Apl has danced through the storm to become a music icon, but never forgetting the streets of Pampanga and those who walk there.

To exceed in boxing and music, it’s important to always keep moving to the ritmo.


A global sports fitness brand, SPARBAR® is proud of its position as the inventors of the global combat sensation that known the world over as SPARBAR® Pro. Founded in 2013 and backed by over 20 years of real boxing experience, we have single-handedly changed the fight game with our innovative concept of training without a sparring partner.

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