Aside from the world functioning in, well, its normal way - it’s clear that one of the greatest elements of ‘real life’ that humanity craves right now is intimacy; in all its divinely messy, rough-round-the-edges glory. In the follow up single ‘First Time’ to their trailblazing debut ‘Confusion’, Anaté capture the ethereal, liminal nostalgia which, on recollection, bathes the glowy early chapters of a love story.

Anaté is a two person force comprising of Ana and Andrea - and ‘First Time’ is what happens when two well-matched creatives gently dissolve lyrical curiosity with a unique twist on production. On the lyrics, Ana says that “First Time cherishes those beautiful moments in concluded love stories. Reminding the listener how it felt to fall in love, how magical it was to feel like you and the other person are the only people in the world until reality hits, and you gradually start to fall apart because one or both of you gave too much or too little.”

When listening to ‘First Time’ one is immediately struck with its nod to 90s pop (think Spice Girls ballads, Natasha Bedingfield hits and early Dido) - with its echoey intro grounded in a heady, familiar beat. Dreamy, indulgent strings temper the track, giving it a real depth and build. The chorus, featuring Ana’s sultry vocals, will leave it lingering in your mind for days. There’s something oddly entrancing about ‘First Time’ - everything feels constant: the beat, the reverb, the tone.

This is a track that makes you pour a big glass of your favourite red wine, dim the lights, turn the fire on and get toasty.

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