These four intoxicating piano pieces are written and performed by the Swedish pianist and composer Mikael Oterhals. Released on his new EP ”Association Vol. 1”, the listener is embraced by magical classical piano music with modern takes of pop and jazz.

Within the frame of only four songs we get to discover an infinite world of varying emotions as Mikael describes four different inspiring musical landscapes. Each note is another light illuminating his thoughts as he strives for the purest musical form.

Each song title consists of only one name, leaving the listener to wonder where the inspiration came from. Mikael’s own words on the matter clarifies the situation; ”Each piano piece is dedicated and inspired by people in my life. I do not know all of them personally but they all inspired me to write the music, in different ways” he explains.

Mikael is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is 24 years old. His first release was only six months ago in June, 2020, we can only hope there’s a lot more to come.

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