While 2020 has featured setbacks for all musicians and performers, the completion of this eagerly anticipated EP and tour demonstrate true grit and determination that is the hallmark of artists with the capacity to succeed in the industry. With 2021 now on the horizon, The Frisky Gypsys are bringing a message that it is time to put 2020 behind us and begin to ‘Dream Big’

The Frisky Gypsys is a rustic, salt-of-the-earth folk band based out of Wexford. Formed in 2018, the 4-piece band have a combined 30 years’ experience both performing and recording. Forged from a shared passion of performing, the band’s sound and writing style is designed to be immersive experience to listen to and in a live setting. The band members have individually shared the stage with acts such as Geoff Tate of Quensryche, Ryan Sheridan, The Frank and Walters; Royseven; Beverly ‘Guitar’ Watkins and many others. Along with having toured extensively in the UK, Europe and the USA and playing many of the festivals both at domestically and abroad. This combination of musical experience has given The Frisky Gypsys a competitive advantage over any other emerging band in Ireland today.

The culmination of this experience brings a unique genre bending sound which the band jokingly describe as ‘Tribal Folk Indie Rock Pop’ is a welcomed brand-new offering to the already vibrant Irish music scene. With the release of their debut EP ‘Dream Big’ featuring lyrically diverse and a rooted in folk melodic sound. The EP is packed with energy and the work draws on aspects from songwriter and frontman Steven Hamilton’s lowest points to his highs. While the completion of EP represents a proud and major milestone for the band, the ultimate dream is to perform these songs live across the country and further afield. With an upcoming nationwide tour scheduled and their first headline show being curated by MCD, this next major milestone is well within their sights.

‘Dream Big’ is out now on all major platforms.

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