Ordinary People is the new song written and composed to “wake up ordinary people all around the globe to get the world running in a better direction for everyone.

Ordinary people around the world usually do not understand how big power they are. The new collaboration between Italian, Senegalese and Croatian artists has brought the song Ordinary People, dedicated to all the ordinary people in the world.

The song suggests that ordinary people need to rise up and need to tell their leaders the world is heading in a wrong direction.

“Talented artists from across the world, who are all experiencing much of the same thing, pooled their talents to create an almost “We Are The World” type of song”, the music website WeWriteAboutMusic from Los Angeles has written about the song Ordinary People.

“We intended to send a message that peaceful ordinary people all around the world are very similar and they honestly do their jobs sometimes being very shy and very silent. First of all in sense of protecting the environment and the planet they should have a more important role in deciding. We wanted to wake them up to act”, says the lyrics writer Ivo Scepanovic. He has teamed up Ermanno Fabbri and the Senegalese roots singer Awa Fall to Croatian band Whiteheads and another singer Marko Tolja.

The song has made it already to Italy, America, Canada, Finland, Qatar, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Switzerland, UK and Pakistan.

The video was filmed in Milan, Italy and Rijeka, Croatia. It was directed by the Russian director Artem Dushkin and the editing was done in Edinburgh, Scotland. All in all a very international story. The story of ordinary people in world pandemia times.

WHITEHEADS ft. Awa Fall, Ermanno Fabbri, Marko Tolja

Music: Ivan Krsevan Komnenovic
Lyrics: Ivo Scepanovic

Ordinary people

I know we are silent
Not that visible
Or even shy

I accept we are modest
Not that loud
Or even poor

Lets rise

I know others lead us
Not that good
Or even worse

I accept we didn’t care
Not anymore
Or even never ever

Lets rise

I know it’s time
Not tomorrow but today
Or even now

Lets rise

I accept to rise
Lets wake up
Lets move
Lets tell the leaders
We want a better planet

Lets rise