Straight out of locked-down Colwyn Bay, North Wales, singer-songwriter, producer, and improvisational guitarist Allan Dawson has delivered his stunning, inspirational fourth album ‘Reflections of Your Face’ and the standout, impressive first single ‘Bubble’

Leading with an almost harpsichord-like acoustic guitar and Allan’s David Gilmour-esque trippy lead guitar tone, ‘Bubble’ slides easily between the pretty and the psyche-rock and back again, all the while carried by Dawson’s up-front vocal wit and lyrical humour. Soaring, phase-driven guitar solos meld with beautiful acoustic picking and gentle, pulled-back drums, making ‘Bubble’ a perfect mix of proggy, indie-tinged rock and gentle, soft alt-folk pop hit.

Describing his sound as ‘…thought provoking rock that doesn’t compromise to someone else’s judgement’, Dawson is clear that ‘Bubble’, like the rest of his music, doesn’t ‘follow the rest of the flock’. Mixing elements of rock guitar hero Slash and Pink Floyd with the softer, mellower attitude of The Eagles or, vocally, Chris Martin of Coldplay, ‘Reflections Of Your Face’ is a tour de force of determination, loss, isolation, and beneath it all, hope.

At times all out modern prog, at others psychedelic and gentle, ‘Bubble’ twists and turns between guitar and Dawson’s placid, tender vocal, all the time delivering a mature, compelling take on uncertainty and ambition.

Hailing from Colwyn Bay in North Wales, Allan Dawson began his music career in the 1990’s as the lead guitarist in the rock band Social Deflexion. Working as a sound engineer around the world, Dawson has produced and broadcast live events and recordings for artists as diverse as Belinda Carlisle, Kirk Brandon, Runrig, Jesus Jones, Hawkwind, and Shed Seven, all the while maintaining his own live playing and recording career.

He has recorded and produced three previous albums of his own work – ‘Killing Time’ (2010), ‘Start Again’ (2014), and ‘Turbononsense’ (2019) before ‘Reflections Of Your Face’, as well as finding time to work as a broadcaster, digital music pioneer, and executive skydiver – none of which make any use whatsoever of his bachelors degree in Rocket Science.

About the artist
Colwyn Bay, North Wales-hailing artist Allan Dawson has been ingrained in the industry since the 90s. Starting out as a lead guitarist with the subconscious propensity of becoming a solo artist he took to sound engineering and ended up with four studio albums under his belt.
Each of his releases is a reflection of his colourfully gritty life experiences arranged to offer inspiration, intimate emotion and humility. With artists from Mansun to Eagles influencing his sound which shares reminiscences to Supergrass, Dave Matthews and David Gilmour, Dawson delivers an accessible immersive sound with a provocative authentic twist.

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