is proud to host the exclusive world video premiere of 'All I Want For Christmas is YOU!' by Mikey Votano.

Australian artist & performer Mikey Votano releases his third single for 2020 on November 27th via Believe Digital. Mikey brings new life to Mariah’s iconic Christmas track with his own unique vintage rock ’n’ roll stylings and the addition of a huge 14 piece horn section.

‘Every year my sisters and I turn up the Christmas tunes & scream along at the top of our lungs. No matter if we’re shopping for presents, visiting family, cooking up a storm or whatever may be happening there is always Christmas music being unapologetically sung & danced along too. ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is definitely one of the favourites & the challenge to recreate the track in such a way that paid tribute to the original whilst giving listeners a completely new experience was too exciting to pass up.’ - MIKEY VOTANO

‘It’s Christmas! It’s a guilty pleasure time of year & this is a guilty pleasure kind of song. If it feels good, turn it up & enjoy the hell out of it. I wanted to create a track that enticed people to unashamedly sing along & dance around the kitchen ’til their feet hurt.’ - MIKEY VOTANO

The music video for ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ pays homage to popular Christmas movies including Love Actually, Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch That Stole Christmas & more. Quirky scenes including a turkey, chainsaw, flying paint can, stuffed gremlin, popcorn, place cards, hockey mask & maple syrup drenched spaghetti highlight Mikey’s fun & exciting style as a performer. ‘This video was too much fun to make, I wanted to show a touch of the complete & utter joy Christmas is capable of bringing. There’s a whole heap of Christmas film easter eggs throughout the video. Mostly I just wanted to make something that made a whole heap of people smile.’ - MIKEY VOTANO

Born in Sydney, to an Italian-Australian family, Mikey is the oldest of 4 with 3 sisters. His childhood was marred by an overly critical upbringing & difficult school life where he was bullied, often in trouble, labelled disruptive & lazy & eventually expelled. In his final months at his second high school Mikey was diagnosed & prescribed medication for ADHD, he also secured a place to study music at the University of NSW.

Votano grew up the Chuck Berry way, albeit playing saxophone rather than guitar, cutting his teeth in various jazz bands. It was in the clubs, sandwiched on a tiny stage between 20 musicians giving their all for a packed house singing & dancing without care that his love for music & it’s ability to bring joy to all changed everything. He became a musical director for many artists of varying styles.

He tributes his style of music, Mikey loves, swing, soul & rock n’ roll, to a collection of vintage sounds & grooves. Last year Mikey, with his band The Originals, released their initial run of five singles. The tracks were recorded live, in a single room, using only pre1955 recording equipment & cut straight to tape in a method recording rarely used since the 50s. A hit with the swing/rock ’n’ roll dancing scene videos began circling of Mikey’s remakes accompanying dancers from Australia, Argentina, UK, Italy, Canada & the USA.

Mikey writes original music and from 2015 to 2017 was lead vocalist of Silver Love Club. He toured Australia’s East Coast and performed consecutive years at Toronto’s, Canadian Music Week. Prior to this he worked as a vocalist for The Disney Company where he performed nightly on their flagship, the Disney Fantasy. During this time, he arranged & recorded the album ‘Smile’, a collection of standards & popular tunes reimagined for jazz big band. His track ‘Disney Medley’ is included in numerous Top 10 Disney covers lists & has been performed by bands in Europe, North & South America, Japan & Australia.

A former primary school teacher, Mikey Votano does it all, sings, plays a mean sax & piano, creates authentic arrangements & works the hell out of a room. A serial over thinker, thanks to mental illness, though he believes when it comes to music though, the decision is simple - if it feels good, play it & enjoy the hell out of it.

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