Nathalie Miranda is a fully-fledged soul belter; a power-house vocalist with a stunning 4-octave range. This emerging artist is a force to be reckoned with. Notable for her unique, soulful voice and high energy performances, Nathalie delights in engaging her numerous fans on Patreon with special live streams and exclusive online performances. Hot on the heels of her single ‘Poltergeist’ earlier this year, new single ‘Catch-22’ is out now and available on all major download and streaming platforms.

Born in London to Greek-Cypriot parents, Nathalie was raised bilingually speaking Greek and English and is fiercely proud of her Cypriot roots. It is clear where she gets her talent and love for music: music and performance is so deeply ingrained in Nathalie’s family it is practically part of her DNA! Her grandfather was a violinist who worked for many years in Cyprus as a professional musician and continued to do so when he came to England in the 1960’s. She also has cousins in Cyprus who are professional musicians. Nathalie started piano lessons aged 6, but it was singing that really appealed to her, but she was too shy to explore it openly. Then, aged 15, on holiday with her parents, she decided to get up and sing 'Hopelessly Devoted to You' at a karaoke night. She remembers this as a turning point “I got up, took a deep breath, and sang (with my back turned to the audience) and I was so scared, but I got a great response and my parents were truly shocked. That was the start of it all really. I realised that I was going to be a singer, and I would do everything to make that happen.”

Her performance inspiration is drawn from the greats: Freddie Mercury being her idol closely followed by Etta James, Aretha, Whitney, George Michael, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and Christina Aguilera. In terms of writing music, her inspiration is a little closer to home: she is married to a fellow musician with whom she has a long-standing writing relationship. Nathalie also collaborates with other writers, and features as a vocalist on several House tracks. She also appeared on a ‘Later… with Jools’ show in 2018 as a backing vocalist for the band James. But her true ambition was to be centre stage and releasing her own music for the world to enjoy. Her first release was in 2017, an EP called ‘Bulletproof’, containing the songs ‘Red Light’, ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘We Got It Right’. The next single ‘Poltergeist’ was released in March 2020.

The new single ‘Catch-22’ is a completely different sound for Nathalie, and one that she feels reflects her love of soul and blues music, while still being, without doubt, a relatable, catchy, pop song. Musically, she wanted it to sound huge and quite sparse at the same time. She says “I wanted to create a song that reflected my love for Blues and Soul, while still being a pop track. I came up with the melody and the initial lyric one day during lockdown, and it really inspired me to create this retro sound, while still being relatable”. The theme of the track is about a girl trying to work out whether or not she should listen to her heart or her head; she knows that her boyfriend has hurt her, but she just can’t live without him…hence ‘Catch-22’. The inspiration for the video came from the Bond movies: simple, dramatic imagery - in reality made more complicated by a Covid-friendly shoot with social distancing! The dark narrative conveys the frustration that the protagonist is feeling, caught up in her unresolvable situation.

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