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Mapping a seldom-trodden path away from pop stardom inwards towards the authenticity of his true self, is singer-songwriter Kris James, who first shot to fame with band The Scheme. Soon, though, he left behind his popstar roots in order to pursue a path of authenticity and honesty, and ‘Nine Lives’ is the result.

A tropical pop belter putting James firmly in the line directly descending from the likes of Justin Bieber and Drake, ‘Nine Lives’ tells the story of the fallout of a relationship, knowing that your time might be up but not ready to admit it yet.

“It was written about being in that sweet spot of the seemingly perfect relationship, just before the bickering starts” James himself explains, “Only then the relationship starts its decline… but because it was so good at the beginning, you keep offering chance after chance.”

Deeply personal, Kris’ songs are always taken from his own experience, and written by James himself, alongside long-time collaborator Stewart Boyle. The result is an intimate look behind closed doors; James pairing the bittersweet retrospective lyrics with a slow tempo, tropical pop house beat. The style is reminiscent of Swedish dance-pop legend Robyn’s heartbreaking dance track, ‘Dancing on My Own’, with similarly well-balanced emotion and singular knack for storytelling.

Lyrics such as ‘Do you want to paint the grass next door greener? Is there hope for the two of us in this world?’ illustrate just how far Kris James has come from his boyband days - there is a real creative talent here, which elevates the song past its pop roots to something truly special. There is also that feeling of acceptance - throughout his career and the topics Kris James chooses to write about, this singer has always been one to roll with the punches and move onto the next thing when something isn’t working out.

Praised by Music Week as one to watch and 1883 for his ‘personal and introspective’ songwriting style, it’s clear that Kris James has the press on his side. Now, with Nine Lives, he is fully prepared for a takeover of the airwaves, with a song that manages to bare his soul and get everyone on the dancefloor at the same time.

‘Nine Lives’ is out 23rd October 2020, with a full length debut album titled The Highs and Lows of Love and Life coming early 2021.

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