is proud to host the exclusive world video premiere of 'Cali High' by MTRSS.

"Cali High’s journey started in the Sea of Japan, somewhere between Tokyo and Vladivostok. We came up with this beautiful melody and then felt like we were plotting a course. So New Zealand where Graham Candy is from became our next destination for this track. But it still wasn’t quite there yet. We looked higher, headed high north and voila reached California. That’s how our version of Pacific Devil’s triangle was born. Recreating the idea of this paranormal phenomenon of the unforgiving waters where everything disappears without a trace we were able to create something that’d be there forever.” - MTRSS

MTRSS is an audio-visual voyage. It is a collaborative journey, exploring what happens when artists and digital alchemists get together to create order from chaos. And chaos from order. It is an intimate sonic adventure on a vast foxy noir eclectic landscape.

The inspiration for MTRSS happened one evening in a suburban Tokyo vinyl bar, when a small group of visiting musicians sat down for a long chat with the bar’s owner.

Rummaging through a spectacular collection of mainstream and incredibly obscure music from all over the world, the conversation turned to the idea of writing and recording analog music, relying on the nuance of humanity and expression, pulling in artists from mixed media to extend this exploration across motion and sound. If that sounds complicated, it’s not rocket science. It’s all about human chemistry.
The bar’s owner was called Mr. Totori-san, and he inspired the name MTRSS.

As MTRSS took off, it’s self-recruited crew of explorers stretching from Oceania to Russia, from the Far East to Scandinavia, landed in California to deliver their vintage analog soundtrack just in time for the world to lock down in response to a pandemic. But perhaps this lockdown is further time to reflect and drive this journey into uncharted waters.

A multimedia project consisting of different storytelling formats: From a live ballet performed by the Bolshoi Theater in collaboration with European choreographers to an interactive series involving AR / MR / XR.

Sound crew: Graham Candy, Ilya Lagutenko, Jesse Siebenberg, Dave Palmer, Matt Chamberlain, Gus Seyfert.
Design & marketing: LP/AD.

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