Save Our Scene UK (SOS), a new campaign that has been launched today is rallying people together to make noise and protest against the government due to the announcement of zero support for musicians.

The new fundraiser is organising a bike ride from Hyde Park to The House of Commons on Wednesday 14th October at 7pm where hundred will join alongside rickshaws kitted with DJ equipment and speakers.

The campaign is raising funds and awareness for musicians all over the UK and has partnered with Help Musicians, the UK’s only charity that is currently supporting musicians.

Started by 26 year old campaign organiser George Fleming, Save Our Scene UK is an Instagram fundraiser that has to date raised more than £3,500, going directly to Help Musicians.

George was outraged to learn that the government was not doing anything to support our musicians during the Coronavirus pandemic. The very same people who made lockdown bearable for so many.

To date, the government has not helped musicians with any form of financial support during the pandemic, with the vast majority of them now not earning any income for more than 7 months.

The UK music scene contributes over £6 billion annually to the economy and is regarded as the most eclectic in the world. Music, proven to be essential for so many peoples mental health is something we cannot give up.

The majority of the industry is made up of independent musicians who rely solely on live shows to make ends meet. The clock is now ticking and there is only so long the industry can survive with no government support.

To launch the SOS campaign George has hired a rickshaw, equipped with DJ decks and speakers that will be cycled to The House of Commons on the 14th October, leaving Speakers Corner, Hyde Park at 7pm. Musicians and music lovers alike will be cycling alongside to show support and action change. Face masks and social distancing are required for anyone taking part.

Founder of SOS George Fleming said: “From one music lover to another, we must realise how important music is to our very own well-being. We must act now and show the government how much we care about protecting this industry for our future generations.

“The entire industry is on its knees and the rumours and whispers are true. Live music will NOT survive with the current plans from our government.

“If we let that happen, the industry will see ultimate failure and there will be no escape, other than the odd pint in a local pub listening to Katy Perry. All we have to do is make a little bit of a racket and show our support for our most loved industry.”

World-famous DJ and music producer Fatboy Slim told Mixmag: “When the bankers went down, they weren’t told to retrain. They were bailed out because they were considered vital to our country’s economy. But it seems when it comes to culture and arts – from ballet to DJing, we’re all part of it – it contributes a huge amount to our economy and to the reputation of our country, so to just sweep us under the carpet and say “go and do something else” is glib at best and uncaring at worst.”

To support Save Our Scene UK, please visit where you can donate the necessary funds to save our musicians.

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