With his latest single ‘Why’, Isaac Snow confronts the growing hostility towards those seeking asylum in the UK. He calls for us to wake up and demand social and political change. Isaac has witnessed the dangerous consequences of xenophobia first hand having worked with refugee and migrant populations in Israel, and with his new track he wants us to question why the situation is becoming increasingly worse in Britain.

It’s not the first time Isaac has drawn attention to an important issue. His first release of 2020 ‘And The Rain Comes’ dealt with his personal battle with mental health, depression and anxiety and his follow up single ‘Run Away’ explored his experience with loneliness which was especially poignant during the lockdown period.

Driven by a downtempo drumbeat and a repetitive chorus, ‘Why’ has a dark and brooding sound which weighs heavy on the listener just like its subject matter. It’s accompanied with a powerful music video which triggers empathy for the victims of everyday racial violence. The video follows the experience of a refugee facing verbal and physical attacks in the street, with flashes of news footage clips from anti-immigrant protests which serve as a reminder that the problem runs deeper than isolated incidents.

“I was inspired to write the song after Nigel Farage's horrific UKIP anti-migrant billboard campaign was released across the UK in 2016: the campaign depicted people seeking asylum in the UK with a strapline of 'Breaking Point'. The effects of that campaign have never really gone away.”

‘Why’ is out now.