Sean Morris is the singer/songwriter in a folk/rock/alt-country band 'Sean Morris and the Doghouse Roses', having just released their debut EP.

Check out the newly released three track debut single 'Never Look Back' on Spotify here:

As individuals the band are all seasoned musicians that have been in multiple bands over the course of several years, but have come together recently in order to produce new music and hopefully get noticed by influential people in the music industry.

Sean Morris says: "We firmly believe that our songs are commercially viable to casual listeners due to our keen sense of melody, yet we also feel that more serious music lovers will also appreciate our musical proficiency and deep lyrics."

"Due to Covid-19 we were forced to make a lyric video, as opposed to a live-action one, the link to which can be found here:

"We are in the process of building up a strong fanbase on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages and have already received some very positive feedback from high profile musicians such as Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts) Paul Guerin (The Quireboys), Phil Solem (The Rembrandts) and many more."

You can find more information below: I Facebook I Twitter