It takes a diverse approach to songwriting and a unique skill set to bend genres around your own sound and still make it work. Austria-based singer/songwriter Chris Beer is back with his fresh new single entitled "Make my day," a great example of his infectious brand of uplifting and eclectic alt-pop.

The title of the song doesn’t merely accurately describe the theme of the song, it embodies the story behind it as well. When one works towards a long term goal with an abiding passionate commitment and is willing to make sacrifices on the way, that energy can attract the attention of others, who recognize that fire because they carry it in themselves as well.

When an opportunity arises to work with top music producer Livingstone Brown, whose work you have admired for years (Maxi Priest, Bill Withers, Ed Sheeran, Meredith Brooks) you don’t think twice, you just thank your lucky stars and let the moment make your day. That is exactly what Chris Beer did and you can hear it.

Check out the official video below: