Everyone has a fight.

Some fight to live up to their potential, some fight for a better world, others fight to survive but make no mistake, there is a little fight in all of us.

Bronx native Rob Twizz knows all about the fight! Forged in the pressure cooker of a local MMA gym and tested in the battle grounds of rap, gaining over 15 million video views worldwide, Twizz has weaved the intensity of the fight game into multi layered, hard hitting, motivational anthems such as “Jon Jones” & “Disturbing The Peace.”

Relentless flows are delivered in combination with speaker shaking basslines letting you know, it’s time!

It’s time to step onto the battleground of whatever you’re fighting for and touch gloves with greatness, and just like any good coach, Rob Twizz and his music will be in your corner. Motivating you to be the best you can be.

After all, all great fighters need a dope theme song.

SPARBAR boxing anthem:

Boxing rap:


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This is the secret of SPARBAR - the better you get, the more challenging your SPARBAR will be.

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