Justin Llamas releases his latest single, “Big Talk,” an uptempo, aggressive Pop song confronting those who brag and lie. Have you ever met anyone who lies to get where they are, brags about their so-called accomplishments, and piggybacks off your hard work? This song is for you.

Justin Llamas has been producing chart-topping YouTube cover-videos for years. He first emerged online in 2010, and in a thriving video career, has gained 4 million video views and over 25,000 subscribers.

Using YouTube as his platform, Justin Llamas has built a loyal fanbase, and with tremendous success. The response to his cover songs, such as "Chandelier" by Sia and "Non-Stop" from Hamilton: An American Musical, have even attracted responses from the original artists. Not only has Justin made a home on YouTube, but he has become a household name on the mobile app StarMaker, building a fanbase of over 200,000 followers. His success-streak has crossed over into film and television as well. Justin has been featured in a number of commercials, TV shows, and films. He has even expanded his talents into voiceover, recording for children's toys and karaoke machines.

His previous EP, Gold, received compliments from L.A. Reid, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, and Babyface, while peaking interest from two major labels. It was L.A. Reid who believed Justin's writing would one day lead him to win a Grammy.

The single is available on all streaming sites and platforms, here.

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