The chart-topping pair - made up of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo - have unveiled the track and its video, which was shot by director Gustav Stegfors and director of photography Crille Forsberg.

Commenting on the tune, the duo said: "'Feels In My Body' is all about hitting your peak, being so full of energy that you want to burst and share it with everyone around you."

The new single follows 2020 collaborations with Steve Aoki and Hayden James on 'I Love My Friends' and 'Right Time' respectively.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has given the Swedish electropop musicians a chance to reflect on their success and career eight years after their breakthrough self-titled debut album.

Aino recently said: "We've been a band for 11 years. This is the first time we've been in Sweden for this long in 11 years.

"It's beautiful and very good for us to take a little pause. We got very creative."

The break has been an opportunity to consider how they work, and what they can do as artists to shake things up.
Caroline added: "When you work a lot, you're just on autopilot. You don't reflect. You do things the way you've done it the last couple of years.

"You have to stop and think sometimes. It's a good opportunity to change patterns, to do things in a different way. I hope we will take some good things with us."

Throughout the health crisis, Icona Pop have embraced new ideas when it comes to performing and connecting with their fanbase, including unique live streams.

Caroline explained: "We can't play live right now, so we've been trying to do as much as we can online to keep in contact with the fans. We love performing and sharing our music."