LAVA MUSIC unveils its limited-edition guitar, in collaboration with CHEMIST CREATIONS.


LAVA MUSIC was founded in 2013, which is a scientific and technical corporation being committed to new design, idea, education of musical instruments. In the 2017, LAVA has released the world’s first unibody injection moulded carbon Fibre guitar LAVA ME.

For the Chemist Creations (C2H4), it is leading fashion company. They believe non-fundamental elements in life are most of time unnecessary. And that is what they create for.

As an all-embracing creator, Chemist Creations and LAVA MUSIC come together, seems no surprise. LAVA MUSIC’ collaboration with Chemist Creations, is the concept of a collaborative guitar distilled down to the basics. Looking towards expressing its minimalist viewpoint on a diverse range of lifestyle products, Chemist Creations has put together a set of LAVA MUSIC LAVA ME 2 Guitars.

The LAVA MUSIC design in collaboration with Chemist Creations, named SiO2 and NaCl. This collaborative guitar builds on LAVA ME 2. Packed the guitar into an iconic Chemist Creations enclosure, and takes each component a step forward. Coming in “Coral White” and “Green Chaud” colorways, a total of 999 units released worldwide.

The SiO2 & NaCl highlight include:

• The design combines the C2H4 iconic style with the LAVA’s minimalism, and each special guitar is laser engraved with a number.

• The Super AirSonic on the soundboard combining with the innovative honeycomb structure brings a new level of clarity.

• The FreeBoost technology allows people to play with effects (reverb, chorus and delay), without plugging in.

• The FlyNeck design with the Plek technology, gives people an enjoyable playing experience.

• The collaboration comes with two colours, Coral White (SiO2), and Green Chaud (NaCl).

• Accessories include stylish Idea bag 2, matching Ideal strap and Ideal picks.

The collaboration line is available for $899 at Amazon or directly online at and from the 4 August.

Check out the Lave Music YouTube channel too.