"What have you missed?" During August - October 2020, Ton-Up, Inc. will be celebrating the anniversaries of releases from the catalog of Eddie Star including:

JoyBox - "Informal Deviance (13 Sexational Songs)" - August 28, 2015 Eddie Star - "Generation Zero" - October 8, 2013
Eddie Star & The Zero Effect - "Live From Hollywood" - October 8, 2013 Eddie Star - "Science Fiction/Double Feature" - October 25, 2019

The campaign will include a mix of promotional efforts directed to music fans and the industry. Gary Monroe, President of Global Digital Online, stated, "There is a lot of media flooding the market these days, and this is an opportunity to reach fans that might have missed the music."

Star released a single last fall, his version of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" classic, "Science Fiction/Double Feature," marking his return to music as a solo artist. A music video for the single, produced and directed by Star, was also released.

Star appeared in the "Elevated Staged Reading" of Philip Paul Kelly's "Rockquiem For A Wrestler," in June, streamed live from the Triad Theater in New York. The musical adapted nine tracks from Star's catalog and broke the theater's record for streaming.