It is a well-established fact that music can have a huge impact on many aspects of our daily lives, it can alter our mood, change the way we behave and create ambience. Whether you’re listening to high tempo music to motivate yourself at the gym or low tempo music to unwind after a stressful day at work, it is easy to perceive the effects music has on our daily lives.

This is well documented in the gambling industry, casinos know the power music holds, they know music is an entertainment tool that not only encourages gamblers to place wagers more frequently but also to stay in the casino for longer time periods.

You will never come across a casino, whether it be land-based or online, that doesn’t use music to its advantage. Casinos use music to set the tempo and ambience of the venue. Often music is used to keep players fixated on the game and remove the notion of time passing, this can aid in strengthening gambling behaviour and extend the length of time players spend wagering.

As music is a psychological tool used to influence the player, casinos have to be very careful when choosing what music to play. Music shapes the experience for the player, it can help improve their execution and endurance of the game, however, if casinos were to choose the wrong tempo of music it could have an adverse effect.

The Types Of Music Casinos Play

Depending on what type of casino game you are playing the tempo of music required to set the mood of the evening varies wildly. Some games require players to be exhilarated and exuberant, other games demand an easy-going, melodious atmosphere.

High tempo music amplifies gambling behaviour, it excites and energises players and stimulates them to place faster bets. Often played in the evening, high tempo music creates a party atmosphere, this is excellent for fast-paced games such as roulette or slots. Frequently you will find casinos playing electronic or techno music to create a fun, high energy ambience.

The downside of such an upbeat and intense ambience is it can decrease the amount of time patrons spend at the casino, for this reason, low-tempo music is often played during the day or for more serious, table-based casino games. Moderate and low-tempo music makes players feel relaxed and inflates their moods, it smooths the illusion of time passing, enables players to be more considerate when placing bets and persistent in gambling. Smoother music is ideal for games that require more consideration such as blackjack or poker, they help players concentrate and keep calm, even when gambling enormous sums of money. Blues, Jazz and Lounge music are very popular for this, they create the ideal peaceful background noise without interrupting players concentration or their determination to win.

How Online Casinos Use Music

Just like land-based casinos, online casinos use music to make their games more alluring and engaging.

In land-based casinos many games are played in one room, therefore music cannot accompany the individual games but sets the ambience for the room in general. In online casinos, where players are all playing individual games from the comfort of their homes, the music can be tailored exactly. Many sites use music to make their games more appealing and many games developers spend enormous amounts of time and money ensuring the music creates the perfect playing environment. Just like in land-based casinos, fast, uptempo music is used for frantic gaming whereas a gentler pulse is ideal for more relaxed gameplay.

How Sound Effects Are Used In Casino Games

Sound effects are another vital musical instrument of casinos, sound is used as a key communication tool to inform players of their successes in the game.

In a land-based casino, when a player wins, whether it be a nominal sum or the jackpot, alarms and bells will ring and lights will start flashing, you will hear the jingle of coins hitting the machine as they payout winnings. This is to signal to the winner, and everyone else on the casino floor, that there has been a win, this tells all players that winning is an achievable goal and persuades them into playing just a few more spins.

Sound effects are also used at online casinos, they are tools to help create a realistic, bricks and mortar casino environment. The buzzes, clings and kerchings these games produce are sounds players associate with triumph, this is positive reinforcement that encourages gamblers to keep playing and yearning to hear the sound of success once again!