The global pandemic isn’t something that could make us happy, but one has to make the best as they can with their time to stay positive and motivated. That is what Croatian pop artist Igor Anicic has done. Wanting nothing more than to unite the world during these bleak times, and to spread positivity, he got to work and what came from it came several new songs that sing a universal tune on ‘Songs for the World.’

‘Songs for the World’ is not only impressive because Igor Anicic wrote the songs in less than two weeks, but also because over the span of nine songs audiences can hear half a dozen languages. If that doesn’t inspire on an international level, what will? The lead single, “We Got to Stay Together,” is a reminder that the way to the end of all this isn’t a singular journey.

“Igor Anicic strives to create music for the world, and succeeds immediately with his original work, We Got to Stay Together! Ambitiously seeking to compose nine original songs in six different languages in an attempt to unite the human race, Igor Anicic bears a sound that serves as a rallying cry for the betterment of society, with We Got to Stay Together featuring warmly inviting Pop and Country influences as well as an endlessly singable hook - perfect for bringing voices together!”
- Radio Airplay

The lead single is out now, but there are more to come. On August 8, 2020, the pop maestro will drop the Spanish tune, “Positivo.” Fluent in that as well as his native Croatian (Serbian), English, Portuguese, Italian, and German audiences from various parts of the world will be able to listen and embrace the messages of positivity, hope, and joy that Igor Anicic has created on his collection of ‘Songs for the World.’

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“The songs are made in the spirits of the countries and the culture of each language, are all very positive and all of them have the message to stay united and to respect each other.” – Igor Anicic

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