Noel Johnson NDJ is a singer-songwriter/producer based in Birmingham AL with a storied past that includes tales of addiction, religious fervor, violence, betrayal, and even a home invasion. These layers of experience are evidenced by the soulful and thought-provoking songs that appear throughout his recently released back catalog. Having survived years of wild misadventures traveling, writing, and honing his skills in countless failed bands and projects, Noel has emerged autonomous and stronger than ever in 2020 with an epic new single about self-doubt, societal struggle, and ultimate redemption.

Already viewed and shared many thousands of times on social media, Noel Johnson NDJ's new song "So Out of Style" is a songwriter's epic dream, with a lyrical sensibility best described as Beck meets Bob Dylan. Noel's captivating vocal presence lays atop a track musically rooted in an old-school, classic rock backbeat with a warm acoustic soul, a la The Band or John Lennon. The song starts off on a wry, introspective note, but quickly takes on the state of the world, concluding that the world is trying to wake up, and that surely peace can triumph, if we'd only let it!

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