Kimberley Rew is one of the unsung heroes of British pop. He was the main songwriter and guitarist of Katrina & The Waves, penning Walking On Sunshine and Eurovision winner, Love Shine A Light for the band, as well as having songs covered by The Bangles (Going Down To Liverpool) and Celine Dion (That’s Just The Woman In Me). He also played alongside Robyn Hitchcock in cult heroes The Soft Boys, prime influences on REM.
Consummate bassist and smart singer-songwriter LEE CAVE-BERRY is his musical and life partner.

Sunshine Walkers: The Best Of Kimberley Rew And Lee Cave-Berry, a 21-track compilation due out in early July which selects the best of their solo work. Cave-Berry has contributed to all of Kimberley’s records issued under his own name (bar The Bible Of Bop from 1982), stretching from 2000’s Tunnel Into Summer to the present; while Rew co-produced Lee’s album, Spring Forward. They have also released four jointly credited collections.

They have releaseda new hand drawn videos to go with the album release

The piano on that song is played by Ian Gibbons who spent 17 years with The Kinks, and unfortunately died last year at the age of 67.

Rew says of the song "The Dog Song. It’s a joyful, witty piece of English whimsy powered by a turbo-charged Chuck Berry engine: a Transatlantic combination which sums up a great deal of Rew and Cave-Berry's approach and appeal. Kim elucidates...
“The TV was on randomly, and it was one of those dog training shows where the dog runs round an obstacle course. The conventions of TV mean it's impossible to let this happen on its own terms; corny music is obligatory. On this occasion it was AC/DC’s Highway To Hell, a fine song of its kind, but to me horribly wrong, as the message of the song contradicted the dog’s simple joy in completing its task. After that it was just a matter of filling in all the ways in which the human concept of Hell is inconceivable to a dog or any other intelligent animal.”