Mai Phuong single "I'll Give My Soul" from the upcoming Motion Picture and Animation Series “She Kings” has reached #15 on Billboard AC Indicator Chart becoming just the second Vietnamese artists to be named on the Billboard Chart.

She Kings is a motion picture and animated series by TNA Entertainment, who partnered with U.S powerhouse label Concore Entertainment, distributed by Sony Music.

The soundtrack entitled Còn Gi Để Mất or "I'll Give My Soul" and written by Taylor Eros is among the Top 15 of the Billboard Adult Contemporary Indicator Chart of the US prestigious music magazine.

The recognition of Mai Phương's hit comes after pop sensation Mỹ Tâm's album Tâm 9 broke into Billboard's World Album Top 10 back in 2018.

"This is not just a great joy for us, it's the first steps of a long-term project," said actor and co-producer, Trương Ngọc Ánh, of the 'She-Kings' cinematic project.

The animated series 'She-Kings' is part of TNA Entertainment's cinematic project that includes a one live-action feature film, and an animated series featuring six episodes.

"Let us see where we can go together," said Janet Ngo, Director, and Producer of the 'She-Kings' project on the partnership with Concore Entertainment.

This animated series is the combination of Vietnamese history and art, while simultaneously representing the Vietnamese animation industry. Within it, "Bat Nan" is the first episode introduced to viewers.

Ironically, Mai Phương was born in the northern province of Thái Binh, which is also the hometown of Vietnamese heroine Bát Nan, the main character of 'She-Kings.'

"Mai Phương touches your heart and soul, and it's a phenomenal movie and song," said Concore Entertainment CEO Charve The Don.

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