In Between is the debut album by Oozy Woods, an Italian band from Bologna. The Oozy world built around these songs link together different stories and scenarios, matching notes with paintings.

Oozy Woods’ songs are made of a crossover soul: together frontman Alessandro Baro, guitarist Federico Bertolucci, bassist Marco Tugnoli and drummer Francesco Tettamanti create a mixture of rock, blues and grunge that give every track a different personality though keeping together a common core.

The Oozy journey began at the end of 2017, when the four members started their path inside the walls of a small underground room. Their first single Modern Needs was uploaded on December 2019, while the whole album was released at the end of June 2020.

This album, ‘In Between’, is about finding your own way through times like these, climbing a hill made of fears and uncertainty and looking for the light of a new dawn, trying to follow the right footprints on the ground. The songs Modern Needs, Bring Us Back and On My Way are just an example of this research. Overall these songs stand on a clear crossroad ‘In Between’ images and feelings, where Show It to Me represents a journey of self-discovery, while All My Fears and Silence dig into the deepest nooks of the soul.

All these vibes are linked to the paintings made by the drummer: every song has got its own particular drawing, which combines the hearing experience with a clear visual impact. In fact, in a burst of colours, it is possible to see a curved bear with a heavy burden to carry, a blue mountain with a rising sun or a tornado made of engravings and stones.

‘In Between’ also tells stories about people: Penny is a girl painted in a dreamlike dance, which comes from a dramatic background, while Facing the Night reveals a bit of light at the end of a night made of blurred suggestions. These images and emotions come out from Violets and Gravity as well, drawing all the mental and psychological boundaries that keep our lives anchored to fears and self-imposed brakes. Therefore this album is again about finding your own path through unpredictable events and obstacles, that grow both inside and outside ourselves.

Rise for instance describes the feelings of a nostalgic past, a trap in which to fall down, loosing the focus on the present, on the ‘here and now’. Anyway even the present could be sometime risky: the search for a short-lived situation or a strong emotion could lead you to forget what really matters most in your life: this is what Grey Daydream is about.

In conclusion, the Oozy world is a river where everyone can find his own interpretation, these songs bring to light images that leave behind open questions, feelings that different tongues can explain in multiple ways.

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