Spanish-Canadian singer-songwriter Nancy Ruth, whose audacious globe-trotting jazz fusions have made her a force to be reckoned with for some time now, is back with her fourth single this year: a sultry ballad. Recorded in New York, Vancouver, and Spain, before and during the coronavirus confinement (which caught Nancy while she was in Malaga, Spain, delaying her return to Canada), Turn the Lights Back Down invites us to take pause during this time of global chaos, and tap into the love that connects us all.

Ever since leaving the Royal Conservatory in Canada, Nancy Ruth has been making music all over the globe, including stops in Morocco, Brunei, Polynesia, and Panama - and wherever she's gone, she's immersed herself in the musical traditions of the area she's visiting. These days, Nancy Ruth makes her home in Malaga, Spain. It's the ideal base of operations for an internationally recognized artist (she was recently a featured performer in Africa's biggest jazz festival in Saint Louis, Senegal) with a fearless, proudly cosmopolitan sound.

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Music and Lyric/ Vocals: Nancy Ruth
Piano: John Di Martino
Bass and drums: Juan Soto
String arrangement written by: Joe Gianono
Strings recorded by: Mark Ferris
Background vocals: Monica Solaun and Cliff Levene
Recorded at Zampol Productions NYC and Estudio 555, Malaga, Spain
Mixed by Juan Soto at Estudio 555, Spain
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions, NYC
Published by Red Brick Songs on behalf of Salerosa Records

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