Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Icy Lando – ‘Options’ ft. Sean Kingston

Having already established himself for bold and diverse music, thanks to a string of highly praised offerings these last few months, Kenyan singer and producer Icy Lando now returns with his latest dancefloor filler ‘Options’. Working alongside the legendary Sean Kingston, the pair cook up a fresh and bouncing new banger that blends reggae influences with a distinct RnB flow.

SugarCane – ‘Clear Blue Sky’

Formed by Robin French, best known as the bass player from Mr. Hudson and The Library, SugarCane look to offer up a sound like nothing you have heard before. Blending Brazilian rhythm with English songwriting has given the pair an untouched niche on the new music landscape as they return with their new single ‘Clear Blue Sky’. With its light and breezy direction, the duo look to serenade us with warm and windswept vibes that feel just like a relaxing day in the sunshine.

OXP – ‘Want You To Love Me’

Having already seduced us with the release of their debut studio album ‘Swing Convention’ last month, Parisian hip-hop duo OXP now look to showcase their latest full-length with ‘Want You To Love Me’. Working in collaboration with Horace Brown, the pair bring back that classic 90s RnB swagger and infuse it with a contemporary production to give us one of the smoothest new releases for the summer sun.

Lazarus Lynch – ‘I’m Gay’

Having grown up in a strict Christian household, singer Lazarus Lynch struggled to come to terms with his identity as a child, but now looks to shake off those uncertain times as he fully expresses himself on his out-and-out single ‘I’m Gay’. Combined with bright and glossy visuals, this new offering uses minimal production and influences from the worlds of gospel and hip-hop to create this diverse and creative delight.

Solarrio – ‘Real Love’

With a career that has seen him globetrot from Chicago to Boston and then Berlin as a hit-maker for other artists, French producer Solarrio has been emerging with his own solo project of late as he delivers his latest jam ‘Real Love’. Taking cues from the hip-hop sound and blending it with a distinct RnB and funk direction, this breezy new release offers up more of that bold and atmospheric feel he has always been known for.