With his latest album On Sunset out now, receiving rave reviews and currently #1 in the UK midweek charts, Paul Weller announces a brand new podcast, ‘In Conversation With Paul Weller’. Across three weekly episodes the music icon is joined by journalist, author and GQ editor Dylan Jones as they embark on a wide-ranging, intimate conversation exploring Paul’s extraordinary career, personal life and much more. The pair delve into the legendary musician's thoughts on art, politics and fashion, his time with The Jam and The Style Council, plus his hugely successful solo work in one of his most candid interviews to date. Episode 1 is available now – listen here.

With a creative peak that continues to shoot skyward, On Sunset features ten classic yet modern Paul Weller songs. On Sunset is a soul album. At the same time it’s also an electronic album, an orchestral album, an album packed with masterly pop songs and heart-tugging ballads, and an album filled with touches of experimentalism. "It’s also an album that sees Weller taking a rare glance into the rear-view mirror as he speeds into the 2020s” (The Line of Best Fit).

As ever, Weller retains a rigorous forward-looking focus when it comes to seeking out the best contemporary sounds and music, but lyrically, Weller – back on his old home, Polydor Records for the first time since the Style Council days – is also starting to look back on the past with the insight of age and experience.