With tracks like ‘Run Run Run,’ ‘Beautiful Girl’ and ‘Make You Feel Like’ earning them hundreds of millions of streams, Rochus Grolle and Michael Noack (aka Junge Junge) are launching a sun-soaked new anthem titled ‘This Summer.’ About to lift global spirits after an immensely testing few months, the German pairing release this single on July 3rd via Universal Music.

As far as their music is concerned, the naming of their band was the last time Junge Junge left things to chance. Boasting an impressive track record of 170 million plays on Spotify alone and another 20 million views on YouTube with their hit tracks such as ‘Run Run Run’, ‘Beautiful Girl’ or ‘Make You Feel Like’, the DJ / producer duo from Neuss near Düsseldorf have showcased an impressive artistic evolution, emerging from an underground background (they still love their tech house whenever it comes to playing live) and honing their sound to an ever bigger pop appeal in the years to come.

Featuring song-writing and vocal credits from Will Church, ‘This Summer’ conjures up that trademark Junge Junge sound, and evokes memories of long days in the sunshine. They share a vision for making music that comes from the heart, with Rochus explaining: “We are riding the same wave, and it’s been like that from day one, really.”

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