Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Dan Atta – ‘Life Beyond Life’

With a sound that he has credited to his love for The Beatles, Bob Dylan and David Bowie, LA-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dan Atta has now returned with his latest sweeping single ‘Life Beyond Life’. With its rich and atmospheric energy, his newest gem sees him combine rich melodies with bold soundscapes to create a wonderfully warm release.

Myo – ‘Years’

After forming in London with a shared direction to create bright and euphoric alt-pop, four-piece Myo now return with their third single ‘Years’. With an already solid following in the capital’s underground music scene, this new release will surely see them grow even faster than they have of late with its smooth and captivating aesthetic.

Ciara Vizzard – ‘Price’

Almost exactly two years ago, London-based singer and songwriter Ciara Vizzard was in a traumatic traffic accident, which left her with several broken bones throughout her body. But not one to dwell on past tragedies, she has used this moment in her life as the inspiration behind her new track ‘Price’. With its bold and soaring energy, this new cut reminds us all not to take anything for granted and to be grateful for what you have in this world.

Nadia Vaeh – ‘Rise’ ft. Hazel Rose

Having previously worked as a model and as a part of Atlanta’s local circus in recent years, singer and songwriter Nadia Vaeh is now ready to dominate the music world as she unveils her new single ‘Rise’. Working alongside fellow vocalist Hazel Rose, the pair unleash a firm and solid slice of alt-pop, filled with thunderous production and jaw-dropping beats from start to finish.

Pretty Decent – ‘Feels Good To Be Free’

Having already dominated their homeland in the US with their own self-branded “hometown pop” sound, Philadelphia-based outfit Pretty Decent now turn their attention to UK shores as they release their new belter ‘Feels Good To Be Free’. Blending the traditional country music direction with a notable pop aesthetic, this new offering delivers a far more accessible and radio-friendly sound throughout.