New Swedish singer-songwriter act Plural of Nothing debuts with two songs, laced with ambiences generated by electromagnetic data from front man Nils von Heijne’s own body.

Both debut singles ”Change the World” and ”Hold My Hand” were written by Nils von Heijne in collaboration with producers Sebastian Furrer (Cazzette, Avicii, Kygo, Wyclef Jean, 5 Seconds Of Summer etc.) and Filip Bekic (The Royal Concept).

As part of the creative process, electrodes were connected to von Heijne’s body while he was listening to the nearly-finished songs. His bodily reactions to the songs were recorded using a so-called PlantWave device, which detects electrical variations and translates the data into pitch messages that both play musical instruments and change the textural qualities of those sounds.

PlantWave is originally designed to turn data from plants into music, but Plural of Nothing chose to instead use a human conductor to generate the music. The result was a continuous stream of ambient ”body music", from which chosen sounds were then incorporated into the finished songs before mixing.

”This release is about more than just music for me, it’s also about releasing old fears. For almost 25 years, fear has kept me from sharing my music publicly. Now, I wish to allow my whole self to finally express itself musically. When I met PlantWave founder Joe Patitucci last year, I found a way to make that happen by allowing my emotional body data become part of my songs.” says Plural of Nothing front man Nils von Heijne.

“My music is a simple attempt to make sense of existence and the transformation our society is currently going through. It reflects my own spiritual path of healing and seeking truth, and can hopefully support others on similar journeys.” he continues.

"Change the World" and "Hold My Hand” debut worldwide and are now available on all major streaming services.

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