Indie metal is a fusion of metal and alternative music. Also known as alternative metal, indie metal normally features elements of heavy metal with influences from genres, such as alternative rock and others not often associated with metal, like funk, progressive rock, and hardcore punk. Many people confuse it with nu-metal.

Let’s look at some great indie metal bands that might not have been on your radar.

Amon Sethis
The Amon Sethis band comes from Grenoble, France. Its members are Olivier Billoint (guitars), Julien Tournoud (vocals), Elliott Tordo (keyboards), Thierry Delvaux (drums), and Thiery Ventura (bass).
The heavy-metal-progressive-metal band draws its musical and lyrical inspiration from Egypt.
Amon Sethis will have you headbanging to their wild sound.

Angelical Tears
The Oklahoma-based band combines heavy metal with Goth, electronic, and classical. The sound is often like two in one.
While the music is demonic, the vocals are angelic. Not many music experts can successfully combine these two musical contractions, but it works well for Angelic Tears.
Angelic Tears’ members include Steven Bittle (guitar), Julia Flansburg (vocals), Glenn Flansburg (bass), and Ole Kristian Lovberg (drums).

System of A Down
Established in 1994, System of A Down (SOAD) is an Armenian-American indie metal group from Glendale, California. One thing that sets this band apart is their Middle Eastern-influenced sound.
The unique music makes them popular among many metal enthusiasts, and the band’s song lyrics revolve around various relatable topics, including politics and sex.
The members of the award-winning band include vocalist and keyboardist Serj Tankian, guitarist and vocalist Daron Malakian, drummer John Dolmayan, and bassist Shavo Odadjian.

Formed in 1990, Tool is popular for the influences from electronic sounds. They feature extremely complex and peculiarly structured songs.
The band released their first album Undertow in 1993. They later released other amazing albums, like 10,000 Days and Lateralus.
Tool is made up of vocalist Maynard James Keenan, drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, and bassist Justin Chancellor.

Based in Miami, Florida, Arcsin boasts squelching guitars, a driving double-bass drum, driving bass lines, and soaring vocals that any metal enthusiast will love.
The band’s refined and accessible sound is attributable to the efforts of lead vocalist Emilio Martinez, guitarist Chris Hayes, guitarist Alberto Carballo, and drummer Justin Hayes. Emilio also doubles as the bassist.
Arcsin draws inspiration from Metallica, Opeth, Rush Someday, Symphony X, and Nevermore.

Breaking Benjamin
Established in 1988, this American alternative metal band is known for the electronic overtones in their songs and general technicality.
The members of Breaking Benjamin all changed in the period between 2010 and 2014. Only vocalist Ben Burnley remained as an original member. The former members included guitarist Aaron Fink, bassist Mark Klepaspi, and drummer Chad Szeliga.
The band got their big break in Asia and Europe after releasing the second album We Are Not Alone.
You may not have heard of these indie metal bands, but they are some of the greatest in the Industry. You can enjoy listening to them while playing your favourite casino online.