Bob Bradley is the author of "Public Relations For Musicians," a nifty behind-the-scenes handbook written by the publicist and part-time musician. Melding his experience of working for larger record labels + creative agencies with his time in a band called Scars of Tomorrow (signed to Victory Records), Bradley uses his business management skills to assist PR clients, ranging from major label rosters to emerging artists releasing their very first piece of work.

His passion for music stemmed from his "New Media" job at a record label called Fearless Records, repping Plain White T's, Mayday Parade, At The Drive In and dozens of other iconic punk rock artists. The secret sauce for his book comes from working in the same background as his clients, as Bradley used to tour professionally and is also a musician-- takes one to know one!

The book touches upon:
- Teaching musicians about the artist/media dynamic
- Teaching artists how to develop a mindset of storytelling
- Teaching artists how to write and structure a music-driven press release 
Touring musician turned author who understands the reader and their challenges/goals

...Bradley has launched hundreds of press campaigns for music clients in multiple genres

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Bob has spent the past 13 + years as a public relations and marketing professional, telling the stories of hundreds of clients within entertainment and other top industries. As a motivated entrepreneur, he has owned and been aligned with multiple growth phase startups, in addition to working for established brands. Bob has developed a focus on storytelling, helping clients push their key offerings to the media and locking critical press to help their business thrive. As a marketing partner, he offers clients a broad range of services including press releases, copywriting, marketing strategy, event management and so much more. He spent many years touring full-time in the band Scars of Tomorrow signed to Victory Records and currently plays for the Southern California band Fake Figures. Bob also owns the publishing catalog Gas Can Music, which is a collection of hundreds of tracks in multiple genres including rock, indie and hip-hop. Since 2011, the music has and will continue to be licensed across multiple channels in film, TV, video games and web platforms. In May 2020, Bob released his first book 'Public Relations for Musicians' on Amazon and is available via student libraries around the country. 

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Photo credit: Brad Alexander