Vargen (translates as 'The Wolf' in Swedish) is the stage and recording name of singer-songwriter Reine Johansson. In the wake of the international recognition of his and fellow singer Mia Rosengren's translations on 'Tänk inte efter (Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan in Swedish)', Vargen's recorded new vocals in English to all nine tracks from that album. The band also recorded two new songs, singles 'One Too Many Mornings' and 'Abandoned Love'. 'Love / Leave - 11 Songs of Bob Dylan' is released worldwide on vinyl and CD on Friday June 5.

We aimed for a timeless sound on Bob Dylan's timeless songs, says Vargen. Dylan has written great lyrics on almost every topic there is. To hold the album together conceptually we focused on the universal themes love, loss, leaving and longing.

Musically, the songs vary between americana, country and rock, with essential contributions by Dan Kristensen on guitar, lap steel and dobro. The album is produced by Andreas Alm at Teknikcirkus Studio in Skällinge. Vargen hopes to promote the album with a vinyl store tour in Scandinavia, Germany and United Kingdom as soon as the pandemic's over.

Hopefully there's a chance to tour USA and Canada in 2021. Vargen will celebrate the release with a live-streamed show on their Facebook site on Friday June 5. (7 PM CET, 1 PM US CT).

Listen to the album here.

01 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
02 I Threw It All Away
03 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
04 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
05 One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)
06 Abandoned Love
07 It Ain't Me, Babe
08 Tomorrow Is a Long Time
09 One Too Many Mornings
10 Knockin' on Heaven's Door
11 Love Minus Zero / No Limit


Vargen (translates as 'The Wolf' in Swedish) is the stage and recording name of singer-songwriter Reine Johansson.

Genres: Americana, country, blues, folk, rock.

The album debut 'Sånger från Natten, sånger från Dan' (2017) featured new music set to Swedish author Dan Andersson's (1888-1920) darker poems.

'Tänk inte efter (Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan in Swedish' (Vinyl/CD/DL 2019) featured new Dylan-approved translations by Vargen and collaborating singer Mia Rosengren.. At this time, Vargen was joined by guitarist Dan Kristensen. 'Tänk inte efter' made good reviews even outside Scandinavia.

Vargen has also collaborated with Anna Vild on single 'To Stockholm From L.A.' and released the EP 'Bluesliv' (both 2019). Vargen's music can be found on all major music streaming services.

Facebook: @VargenMusic

Reine Johansson Vocals, harmonica
Mia Rosengren Vocals
Dan Kristensen Lead & rhythm guitars, lap steel
Andreas Alm Rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion, sounds
Zacharias Sjoberg Piano
Jan Lundin Bass
Måns Broman Drums
Daddy Musesa Congas, bongos
Anna Vild Harmonica (Love Minus Zero), backing vocals
Johann Laux Drums (Abandoned Love)