One of the most popular musical instruments, the piano was invented by Bartolomeo Di Francesco Christoforo back in 1709 in Italy. The earliest models were quite expensive and could be afforded by aristocrats and royalty. Over the years many different models of Pianos have come into existence and now most people can afford them.

In this article we will look into ten different types of Pianos that every musicians should definitely know about.

Digital Pianos

They are not considered to be real pianos by many, but these pianos have made their mark in the world of Pianos. The working of a digital piano is different from the traditional one but the sound is very similar to a real one.

This piano can replicate the sound of the traditional piano very well. They are also classified as keyboards. The digital piano produces high quality digital music. The keys of a digital piano have weight and give the feel of a real piano. Digital piano is an affordable musical instrument as compared to traditional piano. Therefore, how many people nowadays can afford to access a piano.

There are multiple digital pianos which can be connected to the smart devices. So you can customize the settings and also access multiple other features of the piano. The music you play can be easily recorded. These pianos are great for the new learners.

Grand pianos

These are some of the finest quality of Pianos. Grand pianos are crafted by skilled workers and the price matches the excellent craftsmanship. This is one of the costliest pianos that you can get. Having a grand piano is really a privilege for the owners.

This is a luxury item that is meant for the professional pianists who perform live or do some serious composing of music. It is pretty large and will take up a lot of space, so it is not meant for small houses.

The pricey item may also not appeal to many who do casual playing. They have some additional benefits over an upright piano. The sound quality is great and the piano also has a look which makes it appealing to the eyes.

Upright pianos

The most common types of pianos that are available in the market. They have a size that can easily fit into a normal sized home or building and they are much less wider as compared to the grand piano.

Since it is upright so you can set it up next to a wall or in the corner of the room, so that it does not come in the way. They are suitable for use in church, school or home. Sound quality of this piano is good and the keys have their own unique feel.

They come in various sizes and styles. Also, they have an affordable rate as compared to the grand pianos. They can also be a good choice to start learning with if you don't prefer the digital one.

Spinet Pianos

This is a type of upright piano which has the smallest size of all. You can easily fit this small piano in houses with limited space. But the small size doesn’t make it any less impressive.
The spinet Pianos are capable of producing sophisticated music. It comes at affordable prices and can be good choice for children or the learners.

The keyboard size is half that of a normal sized or adult piano. The size is large enough for children to play comfortably. You can even fit it inside your bedroom. However, if you are a professional player this piano won’t appeal to you.

Petite Grand Pianos

These pianos are a smaller version of the Grand Pianos. They are horizontal and smallest among those. Even though it is much smaller than a Grand piano, the sound it produces is quite powerful and similar to the Grand. So this piano can be used by professional musicians for practice.
The usual size is 4 feet 5 inches. The height can go up to 4 feet 10 inches in some of these.

Baby Grand

This one is just one size bigger than the Petite Grand. It is available in size range of 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches. It is an affordable piano which is loved by the musicians for the tonal quality it has. The appearance of the piano is also appealing just like the sound it produces. It is a better choice than the Petite Grand.

Medium Grand

It has an approximate size of 5 feet 7 inches, making it larger than the Baby Grand. The length of the strings and the size of its soundboard are such that the piano has a great tonal quality, making it suitable for the professional pianists.

Concert Grand

As the name suggests, this piano is used in concerts and for music composition. They are the largest among the Grand pianos having a size of 9 feet. Best quality of sound is produced with this piano and is a privilege to have one. It is loved by the professionals for the wide range of keys that let’s them experiment with music. It is large and takes up lot of space. So, you can have these only in the houses with ample space.

Ballroom Grand

Smaller than the concert Grand, this can be called the Semiconcert Grand piano. The height ranges from 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 7 inches. The sound quality is quite similar to the concert Grand and can be a choice for the musicians. This piano also needs good space and cannot be fit into small rooms.

Console pianos

These are a type of upright pianos. They have a size suitable for normal homes. It also comes in digital models. Produces high quality music and good for the learners. Also suitable for use by professionals. Digital models are cheaper as compared to the acoustic ones.


All the 10 pianos have unique features that suits every pianist needs. The principle is pretty much similar in all the 10 types of pianos. The type that suits you best will depend on how you want to use the piano and what kind of features you might require. My personal favorite is Digital Piano because they’ve more features compared to traditional pianos.

What’s your favorite type of piano?