Uniting a nation whilst providing comfort and connection at a time of disparity, Katherine Jenkins has been likened to a modern day Vera Lynn.

On Saturday 21st March, Katherine performed a 40 minute at home concert which ensured an international crowd came together to enjoy her most famous tracks.

The live stream audience reached over the capacity of The Royal Albert Hall and the concert has since reached over 44 times the capacity as the viewing figures currently stand at 233,000.

Comments throughout the performance included: 'you are helping me keep calm', 'thank you for brightening my day', 'Katherine you are pure light', 'you have a gentle and uplifting spirit' whilst Katherine encouraged people to keep in touch with loved ones via telephone and Facetime.

Katherine dedicated 'Heroes' to all NHS workers who are currently working relentlessly round the clock to save lives. In Katherine's words; "Thank you to the doctors, nurses, midwives, cooks, cleaners, managers, porters, lab staff and all of the people in Intensive Care Unit and everybody who works for the NHS - thank you for all that you do, you are amazing".

Outside of the UK, viewers tuned in from countries all over the world to include: South Africa, Jordan, Australia, United States of America, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Bermuda and Italy.

Watch the full at home concert here.